Maple Saddle

Understanding that hardwood saddles are essential to the resonator sound engine is an important step in envisioning and planning how best to customize your dobro. The transmission of the sound from the string begins with the saddle, and the saddle’s influence is strong. 

The type of wood that the saddle is made from can add its own tonal characteristics to the initial transmission of the sound to the cone. That influence can affect the sustain, projection and flavor of the tone. Players relate to us that:

Koa Saddle

Maple is classically bright, and projects well, providing that vintage Dobro sound. 

Koa is warmer, and softens the overall tone while keeping excellent projection.

Ebony brightens the strings without making them shrill. 

Rosewood brings its own flavor to the tone, and will also brighten the strings.

Ebony Saddle

In the years since the invention of the Dobro in 1928, many materials have been used for the saddle including maple, koa, rosewood, ebony, bone, delrin and even generic sign plastic. Each material has pros and cons and its own unique tonal characteristics. Through a process of trial and error, after balancing availability, costs and performance, maple earned the position of the primary saddle wood in generations of Dobros. 

Maple. The traditional maple saddle is tried and true, and it has proven itself over the nearly 100 years of resonator guitar history. Replogle Resos’ saddles use quarter-sawn eastern hardrock maple- the historical standard that is always an excellent choice for vintage tone and performance. 

Koa. This exotic tonewood has been a part of the history of the resonator guitar since even before it was conceived. The wood of choice for Hawaiian slide guitars, koa has a tone all its own and brings a rich presence to the instrument.

Ebony.  The tonewood of choice for traditional acoustic instrument parts, ebony is a long-standing standard for luthiers world-wide for centuries. Replogle Reso saddles use hand-selected, premium ebony that is quarter-sawn for the best resonant response on the bridge. Enhance the string attack, projection, tone and sustain of a Dobro or reso of any brand with a Replogle Reso classic, quarter-sawn ebony saddle.  

Rosewood. For many generations rosewood has been a tonewood of choice for stringed instruments and parts. Replogle Reso saddles use hand-selected, premium rosewood that is quarter-sawn for optimal resonant response. As a time honored tonewood, rosewood helps the strings’ performance with strong projection, excellent tone and enduring sustain. 

Choose your saddle wisely!