Replogle Resos: From the Beginning…

The origins of Replogle Resos dates back over 40 years ago to the disco days of the late-1970’s. Mike Replogle was at that time a working musician, and began his career as a luthier by working “a day job” at the iconic Travis Bean Guitar Company, becaming an expert guitar luthier. With time and evolution, Mike moved into the business side of the Musical Instrument (MI) industry and was a manager of Valley Arts Guitars, then Samick USA, Gibson USA managing both Dobro and Steinberger guitar divisions, Zeta Music, Dean Markley, Boulder Creek guitars and Saga Musical Instruments.

During his tenure at Dobro, as a luthier and business manager Replogle resurrected the company during and after Gibson’s acquisition, and not only brought the original designs back to life, but added modern innovations and patents and new instrument designs as well.

The years of research and development, and inspection of iconic resonator guitars brought Mike an understanding of the complex interaction of designs and nuance that make the resonator guitar actually work.

After leaving Gibson,  Replogle continued his research and innovation, and today the Replogle Reso cones, resonators and supporting reso parts have earned Replogle a place in resonator guitar history. .


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Video Resources

We have received many many requests to explain how the Replogle Reso cones are made. This series of short videos each show an overview of the intricate techniques and skills that Replogle employs in the production of his Replogle Resonator Cones.

Enjoy this glimpse into the esoteric world of resonator spinning and the magic of Replogle Cones!


Video #1: Circle Cutting

This video shows the process of converting the square sheet of metal into a perfect circle that can them be spun on the metal spinning lathe.


Video #2 shows the second step, punching the center hole. This is necessary to align the metal on the lathe for spinning.


Video #3. This video shows the process of spinning and shaping the spider resonator on the lathe. This is heart of the spinning process.


Video #4. This video shows the spinning of the biscuit cone.


This CNN video is an interview done with Mike Replogle in 1985. This rare footage shows many of the processes of the construction of both metal body and wood body Dobros.


This video was produced on the local cable channel, and includes footage of the majority of the major production processes used at OMI during Replogle’s management of the company.