Since the mid-1990’s MIke Replogle has provided the traditional #14 spider bridge to luthiers and manufacturers including Scheerhorn, Beard, Weber and others.  The Replogle Spider bridge is a modern incarnation of the best of the traditional #14 spider. Using direct castings from the original molds, Replogle refined the patterns and has created a spider casting with clean lines and true to the original but  without the imperfections of the past.

Mike Replogle’s highly refined cast aluminum spiders offer a choice of traditional alloy, or a modern alloy for a brighter sound. The spiders are hand arched… each leg of the spider is hand-adjusted and leveled so the resonator guitar will sound its best- arching the spider and then leveling the bottoms of the feet helps optimize and even-out the spider legs’ contact on the resonator cone, to bring out the best tone and volume while eliminating buzzing. “Arching and leveling is no small task, and a great benefit not found on other spiders,” says Replogle.

Each spider is 9-1/4″ diameter, with a 1/8″-wide saddle slot, and center-drilled for the cone tension screw (not included). Replogle Spiders are made entirely in the USA, and available in two models:

 Original Alloy Spider: A Traditional 1930s-style aluminum alloy makes this bridge flexible enough to deliver classic resonance and vintage tone. This is the legendary “#14 spider” sound that hearkens back to the great pre-war resonator guitars.

Modern Alloy Spider: Enhancing the aluminum alloy with small amounts of chromium, nickel and titanium increases the strength of the alloy for slightly more rigidity. This gives the Modern Alloy Spider bridge more ring and projection, ideal for players seeking a modern and brighter tone.




Replogle Spiders Specs:

  • Standard Dimensions, fits original Dobro and other brands
  • Diameter approx 9.25″
  • Nut slot approx 1/8″
  • Drilled with center hole for resonator tension screw (not included)
  • All Replogle spiders are arched and leveled