Replogle Resos Saddle, Maple Reverse-split-ebony Compensated SMR1C


Optimize the sound of your resonator guitar with the specialized Replogle Reso Saddle that best suits your instrument and your personal sound preferences. Maximize the power, tone, and projection of your resophonic guitar with customized Replogle Saddles.

  • Traditional resonator guitar/Dobro sound
  • Quarter-sawn hardrock maple 
  • Shaped for flat-fingerboard setups:
    • Suitable for square-neck Hawaiian-style 
    • Suitable for round-neck bottleneck-slide style 
  • Features the innovative Replogle Resos shaped-compensation for better intonation  
  • Reversed-Split-ebony cap for customized string balance, tone and sustain
  • One-piece design fits Biscuit Bridge installations
    • Can be cut for two-piece Spider Bridge installations
  • Measures approximately 2-5/8″ x 3/4″ x 1/8″ (66.68mm x 19.05mm x 3.18mm) 
  • Fitting & setup with final sanding, trimming and string slotting is required

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Why Upgrade the Saddle? The bridge saddle is a vital part of the resonator guitar’s complete sound engine. All of the initial vibration of the strings has to pass through the saddle that holds those strings in place on the bridge. If the saddle is soft wood or non-resonant material, if it absorbs the vibration, or if it is loose fitting then it will decrease the resonator’s ability to do its job. The Replogle Reso maple saddle is made from quarter-sawn hardwood for the best traditional tone and projection.

Maple Saddle

Why Maple? For nearly 100 years Maple has been the saddle wood of choice for traditional tone and sound projection in resonator guitars/Dobros. Maple provides “that classic Dobro tone” and that has been characteristic of traditional resophonic guitars for their entire history. Replogle Reso saddles use hand-selected, premium hard-rock maple that is quarter-sawn for the best resonant response on the bridge. Enhance the string attack, projection, tone and sustain of a Dobro or reso of any brand with a Replogle Reso classic, quarter-sawn hardrock maple saddle.


Flat top saddle

Why is the Saddle Flat? The Replogle Reso flat-shaped saddle is suitable for square-neck Hawaiian-style and round-neck bottleneck-slide setups. To complement the flat fingerboard of the Hawaiian and bottleneck resos, the nut and saddle both need to be set up flat to match the flat fingerboard. Replogle Resos Saddles in a flat configuration are designed for both biscuit-bridge cones and spider-bridge resonators that are set up with flat fingerboards for slide players.



Compensated Maple Saddle

Why Use Compensation? Take advantage of the innovative Replogle Resos compensated saddle to improve intonation and tuning. Resonator guitars are infamous for having intonation “challenges”, meaning that the guitar does not play in-tune consistently up and down the neck, even though it may be tuned correctly when played in an “open” (unfretted) position. The Replogle Reso compensated saddle is carved on the top to enhance the intonation of all six strings.


Why use a Reversed-Split-Ebony Cap? The  Split-Ebony cap is an innovation that came as the result of hands-on daily experience working with many Dobros in a production setting. By nature, unwound “plain” strings are brighter than the thicker wound strings. When using softer alloy strings such as bronze sets, the tone is richer but the volume and projection decreases even more. Replogle Saddles address this issue by placing a harder ebony cap under the strings to brighten them up, effectively giving the strings a better balance of tone, volume and projection. In the case of the Reversed-split-ebony cap saddle,  the first three strings are ebony capped, which brightens and compensates the first three strings for Custom string sets that need to tone-down the three low strings and brighten the three high strings.



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