Replogle Reso Saddles, Maple Options


Customize the sound of your spider or biscuit-bridge resonator guitar with a split ebony/maple saddle for balanced tone on all strings, plus Replogle’s innovative compensation for improved intonation.

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Each Replogle Reso saddle for spider & biscuit bridges is approximately 2-5/8″ x 3/4″ x 1/8″ (66.68mm x 19.05mm x 3.18mm). Final trimming and slotting is required.

Re: Saddle Compensation. Mike Replogle explains, “reso guitars are infamous for intonation problems. Carving the saddle under the first two strings, and smoothly angling the other four strings greatly improves the intonation. I debuted this innovation on the Jerry Douglas Signature Dobro® that I designed back in ’94, and it works great.”

Re: the Split ebony/maple Saddle. Replogle recommends putting the ebony beneath the wound strings only, for more balanced tone and volume. Mike adds, “a full ebony cap like a banjo bridge has does boost the wound strings, but unfortunately it also boosts the plain strings, so it still yields an uneven sound… but with the first two unwound strings on maple and then the wound strings on ebony to brighten them up, the problem is solved—much more even and balanced sound.”

Re: The Ultimate: the Split ebony/maple compensated saddle provides both Replogle refinements in one bridge. Better intonation, plus more uniform volume and tone.

Re:  Radiused Saddle. For the roundneck player, the Replogle Ultimate Split ebony/maple compensated saddle is also available with a 16″ radius.

Re: Options.

Some players prefer to use string sets that include three plain and three wound strings. For those sets, Replogle makes the 50/50 Split Maple/Ebony saddle option.

Some players prefer a full ebony cap to brighten ALL the strings, and the Replogle Full cap ebony is available in both bank and compensated versions.


Available Saddle Options:

Plain Maple Blank

Plain Maple Compensated

1/3 Maple & 2/3 Ebony Split Blank

1/3 Maple & 2/3 Ebony Split & Compensated

1/3 Maple & 2/3 Ebony Split & Compensated w/Radius

50/50 Split-Maple/Ebony Blank

50/50 Split-Maple/Ebony Compensated

50/50 Reverse-split Ebony/Maple Compensated

Full-cap Ebony  Blank

Full-cap Ebony Compensated

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