Replogle Resonator cones are hand-spun in California to exacting specifications and high tolerances. Mike Replogle uses a special hardened aluminum alloy for maximum strength, tone, projection and sustain.

These are the exact cones used since the mid-1990’s in US-made Dobro-brand guitars produced by the Original Musical Instrument Company (OMI) and the Original Acoustic Instrument (OAI) company under Gibson. Until recently Replogle cones have only been available directly to custom builders and manufactures and have been used by OMI, OAI, Gibson, Scheerhorn, Crafters of Tennessee, Beard, Owens, Wechter, Weber, and Regal (Saga Music) among others. Now, these “Original Equipment” cones are available directly to individual players and builders.

Replogle Resonator Cone Specifications:

  • Hand spun
  • USA-made in California
  • Special hardened aluminum alloy
  • Exclusive Replogle resonator designs

Replogle Resonator Cones are replacement parts for OMI/OAI/Gibson Dobros and most major brands, including Dobro, Gibson & Regal

  • Biscuit-Bridge Models:
    • DM-90, DW-90 (Replogle Biscuit Cone, 9 ½ Series)    
    • DM-33, DM-75 (Replogle Biscuit Cone, 10 1/2 Series)
  • All Spider-Bridge Models:
    • Models 60D, F60, HoundDog (Replogle Spider Resonator, Classic 10 1/2 Series)